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Machine vision inspection tunnel SAS automotive

Vision tunnel guides automotive customer towards zero-defect heaven

A subcontractor for various renowned automotive manufacturers specializes in the development and assembly of automobile cockpits. To increase efficiency while also reducing the risk of errors at its production facility, the company introduced a comprehensive vision check developed in collaboration with Test & Measurement Solutions.
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Test & Measurement Solutions helps us to guarantee zero defect towards our customers. They are a one-stop-shop for integrated test solutions and they are always flexible towards our needs
Claude Berth, Equipment Engineer & Metrology
Pck-by-light vision inspection solution DAT Trucks

Threefold assembly and test solution reduces costly errors and increases quality in automotive industry

Made-to-order truck cabins are assembled with utmost precision. Because the truck building customer is driven by quality, they enlisted the services of Test & Measurement Solutions to improve the product quality of their dashboards. The result is a threefold solution that includes both assembly and rigorous testing.
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Both ergonomics and product quality have improved thanks to T&M’s solution.
Kim Dehaes, Electrical Engineer
LabVIEW Software solution Von Gahlen

Validated software solution ensures safe and accurate dispensing

An industry leader in shielding solutions for nuclear medicine mainly focused on the production of hot cells and shielding solutions, recently they developed a new Open Vial Dose Divider (OVDD-SA). A semi-automatic dispensing system for radioactive material. Test & Measurement Solutions was happy to offer the necessary software support.
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Test & Measurement Solutions was the perfect partner for this project: they developed a piece of software that is both user-friendly and validated, thus allowing us to guarantee quality to our customers.
Alex Duiker, Account Manager
 Automated bio-simulation unit SHIME

Automated electronic and mechanical monitoring solution

A spin-off of Ghent University, creates lab equipment to simulate the complete digestive system of humans and animals. Backed by Test & Measurement Solutions’ monitoring expertise, the company was able to finalize SHIME: the world’s first fully automated bio-simulation unit that measures the effect of food supplements on bacterial flora.
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T&M Solutions combines passion with expert knowledge and has come up with the ingenious solution we needed.
Pieter Van den Abbeele, Senior Scientist
Signal logger predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance through efficient data logging

Our customer is a R&D initiative for wind energy projects. By investing in test and monitoring equipment, they aim to increase the reliability and efficiency of wind farms. To minimize operational and maintenance costs, the organization called in the help of Test & Measurement Solutions.
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T&M Solutions proved to be a reliable partner for going offshore: with the T&M Logger, we can now guarantee 100% uptime of our monitoring system.
Pieter Jan Jordaens, Business Development and Innovation
Test setup for PCBs for Bluetooth technology

An ear for quality

Our customer produces hearing aids and accessories, diagnostic instruments and printed circuit boards (PCBs). To guarantee the quality of its most recent PCBs for Bluetooth technology DSG was in urgent need of a new test setup. Test & Measurement Solution was happy to heed the call.
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T&M Solutions is a partner we can trust. Through their profound industry knowledge and flexibility, they create validated and personalized solutions which generate value for both us and our customers.
Przemysław Budzyński, NPI Technical Manager
Test & Measurement inkjet test solution

Turnkey solution to tackle the offset problem in PCB printing

Our customer specializes in the development of highly precise, inner layer PCB printers. Test & Measurement Solutions developed a unique measuring tool that allows early detection of printing errors and facilitates machine specification verification in house.
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The easy to use custom-made measurement solution of T&M Solutions helps us to avoid significant waste of time and money. With this tool we guarantee quality towards our customers.
Martien Tonnissen, Production Manager
Test system for jet engine fuel experiments

Flexible testing system for jet engine fuel experiments

To optimize scientific research on aeronautical engineering products to advance Polish aviationperform, the organization called in Test & Measurement Solutions to develop a flexible and accurate test system for jet engine fuel experiments.
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Test & Measurement Solutions provided us with a robust and flexible data acquisition system that enables us to take our research into innovative jet fuels to the next level.
Dr. Bartosz Gawron, Engineer at ITWL

Cooperation Cochlear and Test & Measurement Solutions

Cooperation Cochlear and Test & Measurement Solutions

Conducting more cost-effective testing of hearing implants

To test the quality of the latets hearing implant innovation in a highly accurate and cost-effective way, our customer drew on the know-how of Test & Measurement Solutions.
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T&M Solutions’ reliable modular testing systems allow us to develop innovative products and processes a lot more cost-effectively.
Carl Van Himbeeck, General Manager
Condition monitoring ZF Wind

Flexible condition monitoring of wind power

Wind turbine gearboxes are subject to extreme loads and harsh environmental conditions.To increase the reliability and flexibility of its end-of-line test setup our customer appealed to the experience and expertise of Test & Measurement Solutions. The result is a flexible, state-of-the-art test solution that is easy to operate and leaves nothing to chance.
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We improved our automated tests through a highly reliable, cost-efficient and future-proof system of T&M Solutions which will support us to insure high quality gearboxes to our customers.
Rudy Slegers, Project Manager
Quality inspection, machine vision, vision inspection, camera inspection

Speeding up meat packaging quality checks

Based in Finland, our customer produces cellulose, fibrous and plastic casings for meat products. To increase the speed of its production quality checks, they appealed to Test & Measurement Solutions for a vision inspection solution.
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The vision inspection system has a double function: to minimize out-of-specs and to lower the stress on the operator. Together with T&M Solutions, we guarantee top quality!
Kurt Vandecraen, Quality Systems Coordinator
Customer database solution SEAC

Custom-made software application sheds light on the performance of integrated solar roof panels

To ensure optimal quality and performance, our customer performs tests on integrated solar roof panels for a number of parameters. Test & Measurement Solutions developed a custom-made software application that makes the acquired data easily and securely accessible, both on- and off-site.
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The custom-made database tool enables our researchers to access the measuring results of our integrated solar panels in a very flexible way from their own desktop.
Roland Valckenborg, Business Developer and Project Manager