Our story

It all started with one small measuring card and a computer attached to a sensor. That was the base of the very first test and measurement solutions Kurt Hensen and Roel Geraerts developed in 1998. It marked the birth of a company that was about to take a high flight.

During the last two decades, Test & Measurement Solutions carried different names (find out why in our history), but we always stayed true to our original ambitions.

We are committed to help our customers gain and keep a competitive advantage in their specific business domain.
Kurt Hensen, CEO Test & Measurement Solutions

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We firmly believe that ‘zero defects’ should be the goal for every manufacturing company, with regard to both visual and functional qualities. That’s why we help companies in raising the bar, by offering multi-disciplinary and custom-made solutions to test, measure, inspect, assemble and control products in almost all segments of the manufacturing industry. In doing so, we also help them to optimize their production processes and operational costs.


As technology develops at dazzling speeds, products are becoming ever more complex. At the same time, the quality expectations of consumers are rising. Whether it’s a small scratch in a smartphone screen or a flawed medical implant: every single complaint about product quality has the potential to do irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. That’s why we use cutting-edge technologies to protect it.

Go beyond human precision

In order to meet extreme quality standards, Test & Measurement Solutions specializes in testing and measurement, vision inspection, condition monitoring, control systems, precision assembly and high tech equipment. All of our turnkey solutions are designed and built by certified engineers.

Once a solution is commissioned, our customer service does not end: we also take care of validation and service of your systems and give on-the-job training to users.

Can we help you strive for zero defects? Let’s get in touch.

Our people

Test & Measurement Solutions relies on a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team of over 100 highly motivated people, of which over 70 are engineers. Building on our collective knowhow, Test & Measurement Solutions is an inspirational workplace where innovation becomes tangible. Want to join us? Take a look at our career opportunities

Working at T&M Solutions means not only working ‘with’, but also ‘on’ latest technology. When this is applied in every market segment thinkable this means a nice challenge, every day again!
Joost Schouten, Project Manager
Joost Schouten
Great colleagues, a dynamic environment and challenging customer projects keeps my job interesting and challenging even for administration
Marjolein Moors, Office Administration
Marjolein Moors
If it is your passion to work with the latest technology and you want to be challenged to find creative solutions with it, T&M Solutions is a great place to be.
Jonas Van Otterdijk, Project Engineer
Jonas Van Otterdijk
Room for creative ideas, teamwork and respect for your opinion make Test & Measurement Solutions a great place to work.
Jeroen Vertraeten, IT Administrator
Jeroen Verstraeten

Worldwide presence

Test & Measurement Solutions has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. We successfully realized over 2200 projects worldwide. 

All of our locations are equipped with test facilities and state-of-the-art tooling, ready to support the quality of our customers products.

European Headquarters

Research Campus 8
T: +32 11 35 25 48
F: +32 11 35 25 49


High Tech Campus 9
5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +31 40 751 39 30
F: +31 26 320 01 01


Hazenkamp 30
6836 BA Arnhem
T: +31 26 320 01 00
F: +31 26 320 01 01


ul. Skarbowców 23a
53-025 Wroclaw
T: +48 71 344 11 89
F: +48 71 757 24 99


ul. Józefa Marcika 2
30-443 Kraków
T: +48 12 340 91 84
F: +48 12 340 91 88


The Test & Measurement history starts almost 20 years ago, when Kurt Hensen and Roel Geraerts founded ES International NV, a company specialized in test and measurement solutions for industrial production lines.


ES International NV takes off in Bocholt, Limburg. What starts as a two-man operation, soon becomes a small company of five people.


Having grown quickly, ES International moves to Hasselt.


External funding by the Business Angels Network (BAN) allows us to look for new growth opportunities.


ES International acquires CIT Engineering NV, with a presence in The Netherlands and Poland.

The ESI-CIT Group counts 40 employees spread over three countries.


Kurt Hensen and Roel Geraerts fully re-acquire the company shares owned by the Business Angels Network (BAN).


The ESI-CIT Group acquires Dutch competitor Test & Measurement Solutions BV.


Test & Measurement Solutions acquires Cenat BVBA, a Belgian company specialized in control engineering and automation. With now over 80 employees the ESI-CIT Group officially takes the name Test & Measurement Solutions.


Cenat is sold to Materialise, a Belgian player in the field of additive manufacturing (3D Printing).
Test & Measurement Solutions continues to grow and opens new offices in Arnhem (the Netherlands) and Kraków (Poland). Read the press release.

We are now part of AVERNA, offering a greatly expanded portfolio of test and measurement solutions and support around the world! Read the press release.